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Meet the producers


We produce Beekeep in our solar powered studio on the NW coast of Tasmania, close by our main ingredient, pure Tasmanian Beeswax. Don't tell our Beekeepers, but we find that the local Beeswax, predominantly consisting of Leatherwood derived wax produces the best Beeswax wraps. Our recipe has been developed over the last 9 years to work in the heat of the Australian tropics to the frigid Tassie Winter. When not producing Beekeep we love being part of our local community, cooking, gardening, sharing seeds & developing towards zero waste living.


Hannah developed Beekeep in her Kitchen in 2013. Moving to Melbourne from country Victoria to study photography, then Permaculture Design & volunteering in community sustainability projects rehoming food waste in Melbourne, Beekeep became the natural culmination of her skills and intentions. Beekeep entered the Melbourne market in 2014, keenly put to use by early adopters who would sweep the fledgling business off its feet in years to come.

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The following Summer after brave beginners enjoyed the success of the reusable & biodegradable food wrap that breaths, local stores began offering Beekeep. Bee Sustainable in Brunswick the first retailer when Robert bolted rolls of Beekeep to the wall & began selling it by the meter. 


In 2016 Hannah's partner Alan joined the Beekeep production. Studies in Industrial Design had developed a passion for sustainable products and production. Beekeep's cradle to cradle design, being both reusable and compostable along with an emergent production scale was the perfect project to practically experience the theory developed at University.

Beekeep _ making a bee line to the _blenderlaneartistmarket down #sydneyroad from our #cob

On New Years day 2017 Beekeep went off Grid. Renting and repairing a delabidated mudbrick studio in Tasmania, Beekeep would now be produced by the sunshine. Solar production had its challenges, but with a handy local electrician & running a seasonal production, Beekeep thrives in the Tassie forest.

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