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Over the past couple of years we have worked with local flower farming family, Table Cape Tulip Farm, exploring the tinctorial properties of their colourful crop as they approach the end of their flowering season. This project has been a slow & seasonal exploration in to what is strangely the least economical, yet most aesthetically beautiful piece of the bulb growing industry...the tulip flower itself! 

After peak flowering, rows of spent blooms are cut & left to retire back into the earth. This process is essential for the health of the bulb for next years crop & to avoid the development of seed pods. It is at this stage, that the extraction of dye & pigment can occur, creating a new value from what would otherwise be residual waste.

Drawing upon age old techniques in natural dyeing, eco printing, batik & shibori methods, we have produced a surprisingly vast palette of earthy shades & oceanic tones reminiscent of the nature of our agricultural coast line.  

Choose from our botanical colourscapes of Volcanic, Oceana, Sand & Dusk for a unique, naturally dyed collection of beeswax cloth.

botanical palette-volcanic.jpg

An earthy spectrum of colour reflecting the nature of the rich basalt soils of Table Cape.


Soft & salty tones of Boat Harbour Beach

botanical palette-ocean.jpg

Raw cliffsides expose blocks of ancient colour & geological activity around Fossil Bluff

botanical palette-sand.jpg
botanical palette-SAND 3.jpg

As the sky turns all shades of purple & pink at the end of the day, the fairy penguins come out to play.

botanical palette-DUSK tie.jpg
botanical palette-dusk.jpg
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