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BeeKeep : BULK Blend for DIY

     For - small business, enthusiasts, schools & community, fundraisers, & organisations creating beeswax wraps.

TASMANIAN BEESWAX : antibacterial
NATURAL PINE RESIN : antifungal : natural adhesive


Our beekeep Food Wrap is produced using this specially crafted blend. The treatment is used to render pure fibres anti-microbial, anti-fungal & water resistant creating a flexible, wrap that will adhere to itself, ceramics, glass & stainless steel.

Follow our step-by-step methods to make at your home, studio or workplace, & create your own personalised collection.


This BULK blend will render about 20 square meters of cotton (depending on the fabric weight). This makes about 120 sandwich wraps (30X30cm) or 40 of our kitchen packs!

**Please enquire about workshop advice :

Creator Kit 4.9kg

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