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BeeKeep by the meter : 17" (43cm) : NATURAL


BEESWAX : anti-bacterial

ORGANIC JOJOBA OIL : anti-fungal

PINE TREE RESIN : anti-fungal : natural adhesive


Inspired by ancient artistry in preserving, we source unbleached, Fairtrade Organic Cotton, to produce our Beekeep food cloth. Infusing with pure Beeswax, Organic Jojoba oil & Pine Tree Resin renders each piece anti-microbial, anti-fungal and water repellant.


Be as loose or frugal with the fabric as you wish, and observe the preserving nature of this ancient blend. BeeKeep 17" gives you plenty to play with. At this width it is up for your imagination. Meterage is available in various patterns & shades. Available from 1m lengths, at .5m increments.Torn in half you will be able to keep your big leafy greens/beets//baked goods alive & well. Twist over a bunch of Kale, or form around the autumn casserole.In half again is a pretty handy cut. A piece like that will happily keep your dill & cilantro/sandwich/salad/butter/herbs etc.


Available from 1m lengths, at 1m increments

Each piece should last with care for 12 months & beyond, ensuring cool water teamed with a natural soap when cleaning.

BeeKeep by the meter : 17" (43cm) : Natural Cotton

  • Care : Handwash in COLD water, use mild  soap as needed. Store dry.

    Maintenance : Every couple of months or so, refresh your beekeeps by pasteurising them in the oven on baking paper at 100℃

    With care & good use your BeeKeep should last the year & beyond. At the very end of its time, integrate through the compost & replace.

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