BeeKeep by the meter : 18" (46cm) : $36 p/metre or 18 p/square (46X46cm)100% COTTON : upcycled natural fibresBEESWAX : anti-bacterialORGANIC JOJOBA OIL : anti-fungalPINE TREE RESIN : anti-fungal : natural adhesiveInspired by ancient techniques in preserving for a more conscious relationship to patterns in food & health, BeeKeep 18" gives you plenty to play with.At this width it is up for your imagination. Meterage is available in various patterns & shades. Available from 1m lengths or in square format (46X46cm).Torn in half you will be able to keep your big leafy greens/beets//baked goods alive & well. Twist over a bunch of Kale, or form around the autumn casserole.In half again, or there about.. is a pretty handy cut. A piece like that will happily keep your dill & cilantro/sandwich/salad/butter/herbs etc.

18" (46cm) : Recovered

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  • Care : Handwash in COLD water, use mild  soap as needed. Store dry.

    Maintenance : Every couple of months or so, refresh your beekeeps by pasteurising them in the oven on baking paper at 100℃

    With care & good use your BeeKeep should last the year & beyond. At the very end of its time, integrate through the compost & replace.