Re-usable & Biodegradable  Hand Crafted  Beeswax Food Cloth 

Cloth inspired by ancient artistry in preserving & botanical alchemy.


We commission Fairtrade Organic Cotton and in the spirit of foraging, recover & Up-cycle Cotton fabrics to produce Beekeep. 

Infusing each piece with pure Beeswax, Organic Jojoba oil & Pine Tree Resin we produce a reusable, naturally sticky, anti-microbial and water repellent food cloth, to replace single use plastics in our kitchens, oceans & planet.




At room temperature your Bee Keep becomes malleable, allowing you to shape it around a bowl, twist it over a bunch of kale, bread, cheese, herbs, half an avocado etc.


Once refrigerated, your design will quickly set, providing a healthy, breathable environment for your produce.


The environmental benefits of this product transpire to the overall health of your produce, allowing a breathable environment from which gasses are able to pass through the cotton, preserving your food from spoiling prematurely.


After each use, simply wipe over with a friendly alcohol free soap & COOL water, drip dry & it is ready to use all over again!


Tulip dyed Organic Cotton. 

This project has been a slow & seasonal exploration of the tinctorial properties of spent blooms from the production of tulip bulbs. We draw upon age old techniques in natural dyeing, eco printing, batik & shibori methods..

Eclectic range of re-purposed cotton, upcycled with beeswax, pine tree resin and Organic Jojoba oil into Beekeep: Beeswax food wrap

Fairtrade Organic cotton, botanically dyed

& upcycled, recovered cotton Beekeeps. 

If you have natural fibre cloth to transform into Beekeep, we offer our blend of Beeswax, Jojoba oil and pine tree resin to make your own.